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Cheat Game GTA SanAndreas for PS2 Bahasa Indonesia - For you fans of the game GTA on the PS2 following is kode2 cheat gta san andreas for ps2 cheat gta complete .. Through this you can perform various actions that are not normally and make the game more fun you gta

Set Cheat Codes GTA San Andreas PS2 Complete - Grand Theft Auto (GTA abbreviated) is the action-adventure video game created by DMA Design (now Rockstar North) and published by BMG Interactive. The game allows players to take the role of a criminal who can roam freely around the big city. Various missions are set for completion, such as bank robberies, murders, and other crimes.

This is the first in the series of Grand Theft Auto which extends as far as ten independent games, and three expansion packs. The game was originally intended to be named "Race N Chase". GTA was replaced by the Grand Theft Auto 2. The second game is available for free download on the web site of Rockstar Games in 2004.

CJ-headed stump
This is done by playing multiplayer. Do not enable the CJ to cheat "paling" (man half god). Have player two swinging a samurai sword (katana) towards CJ until his head was severed and killed. Kumpulan Kode Cheat Game GTA San Andreas for PS2 Bahasa Indonesia Since then the head of CJ would remain maimed, but alive.

CJ melt
Climb a mountain bike was then hold while pressing X BOX continuously as soon as possible.

widescreen mode
Naikilah commercial aircraft at the airport. As the plane took off, enable cheat "Destroy all vehicles".

Go to the gym boxing in the city of Los Santos (town early), then activate the cheat "Jet Pack" and go up into the ceiling hole near the exit, then daratkan then you will be in heaven.

Wearing nightvision Google
Daftar Password CheatGame GTA San Andreas for PS2 Bahasa Indonesia Discover nightvision Google (in the mansion or in the desert near large parabolic) and wear, then the effect of his vision of a green or black and white. To eliminate the effect, the CJ should play video games while wearing the nightvision Google, and then quit.

Here the CJ should hold the camera. The first recruit one person gang, then approached her and press L1. Well ... you ready to pose, and press L1 to photograph.

Refilling NOS
If NOS cars already run out, you stay out of the car and head up again, then his NOS will be filled again.

Giving the car the gang members
The first recruit one person gang, then ride a car. When Cheat Game GTA San Andreas for PS2 LangsungTamat Bahasa Indonesia CJ and his gang were inside the car, you go out again. After the gang you follow exit, press the TRIANGLE button and 1/2 seconds then hold the UP button, the CJ and the gang back in the car. Well ... after that you went out of the car, but the gang you do not come out. Only a few moments later, the gang you out and log back in to drive the car.
P.S: You also could provide helicopters for the gang members in the above manner, but a little hard

Open each store food, clothing, tattoos, modif car early in the game without using a memory card
At the time of the New Game, No CJ scene was arrested by police and put into the car (do not ever skip this scene to the end). After about a car stopped at the railway crossing, enable cheat "Jet Pack", let this scene continues and do not diskip, the CJ will be killed without cause and all the shops will be open.
P.S: Modif car underground in the city of San Fierro also opens

Tricks to win in every race car
At the beginning of the race the car took place, enable cheat "Flying Car", then your rival cars will fly everywhere aimlessly. And Kode Cheat Game GTA SanAndreas for PS2 Menjadi Dewa Bahasa Indonesia the rate of your car runs quietly alone so as not to fly. As the situation allows, remove cheat "Flying Car" and melajulah tightly up to the finish.

Geng stuck in car
This was done in Los Santos near the police station. First prepare the car and 1-3 Recruit gang members. Make-star wanted your level 1 or 2. Once the police arrive, go into the car with all the gangs and rapatkanlah side of the car to the blue wall in front of the police station and let up busted. Well ... after leaving the police station, look at the last car you go to earlier, there your gang was stuck in the car.

First, prepare a parachute, one car and one motorcycle. Then activate the Password Cheat Game GTA SanAndreas for PS2 Bahasa Indonesia "Cars Soar" (box, R2, down, down, left, down, left, left, L2, X). Naikilah motors and Crash rear of the car you've prepared earlier by very slowly. As soon as the car began to soar, you should immediately get off the bike and immediately boarded the car began to soar (rather difficult indeed). If you've managed to get into the car inflated, switch cheat "Flying Car" and melajulah upward to the highest, if necessary up to the sun. Approximately a minimum of 3 minutes you drove up, please remove cheat "Flying Car" and come down from the car, then you will witness the longest skydiving history.

Cars stress
This glitch can sometimes sometimes not, but there's no harm in trying. This is done by playing multiplayer. Prepare a car, make CJ and player two stood by the car door, then press L1 to do a kissing scene. But before the kiss scene happens, you immediately press the TRIANGLE button, then CJ will get in the car and the car was going to be stressful.
P.S: To more easily try using a motor

Untouchable passenger
Look for a car with passengers and lay hold of the car. But keep your Kunci Cheat Game GTA SanAndreas for PS2 langsung tamat Bahasa Indonesia passengers remain inside, ie with direct gunned. Bring the passengers into the garage, and after that you go down and the passengers also fell and became untouchable.
P.S: If you want to know what it means by "untouchable", practice the and see for yourself

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